Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

Any tree can have a TPO assigned to it, indeed individual and groups of trees can be assigned Tree Preservation Orders. No pruning, shaping, cutting, removing or felling can be done on a tree or group of trees with a TPO. Consent must be gained from the local planning department (normally through the tree officers) before any work can be carried out. Applications are normally processed within 6-8 weeks but have been known to take considerably longer.

Much of LeedsTreeCare’s work has been and continues to be with TPO trees or in conservation areas, so we are experienced and familiar with the whole process. We will happily handle the application process as we have a good working relationship with the Leeds tree officers and planning department

If you would like to see if your tree has a TPO assigned to it feel free to use the link below to Leeds City Councils TPO map:-