Tree condition and inspection reports

A tree condition report, as it’s name suggests, outlines the condition of a tree or group of trees based on a Visual Tree Assessment by a trained arboriculturalist. At Leeds Tree Care we are all PTI (Professional Tree Inspection) certified and insured (to different levels of qualification) to carry out Tree Condition Reports. The vast bulk of the reports we produce are tree condition reports. Broadly speaking they outline the health of the tree(s) and their condition, outline any potential hazards and concerns together with any recommended remedial action, timeline for this work and frequency of re-inspection. If risks are high but the amenity value of the tree is also high, further more detailed information gathering can be carried out with climbing inspections and the use of specialist devices including micro-drills, tomographic devices and thermal imaging cameras to name a few.

Below is an example of a significant cavity investigated at 6m with a climbing inspection