We take pride in our work and derive a deep sense of satisfaction from work done well. We also love what we do and when you enjoy something; we like to think that you get good at it. Far from wanting to blow our own trumpets, here’s what are customers have to say:

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We have a few large trees in our garden. James and his team obviously love their work and were helpful and knowledgable about applying for permission and then giving our trees some very smart new haircuts. Will be using them again. Thanks


Brilliant service from start to finish and was very happy to hear James will be using/recycling the waste wood to make a workbench amongst other things.
James and co were polite and friendly at all times.
Highly recommended company and reasonably priced!

Kenny harrison   

James and his team have worked on our garden twice this year - first to fell some overgrown conifers and other large trees and later to prune some fruit tree. On both occasions we had great friendly service, we felt involved in discussing the best approach to the pruning/cutting and the garden was left really tidy afterwards. Would definitely recommend and will be contacting James again in the future if we need any further work done.

Claire Forster   

James came to tackle 8 trees. This included day one pollarding a seriously large Willow then felling some self set damsons and Hawthorn into day two, removing a dead Laburnum, a Silver birch and Rowan which at more than 12m had sadly outgrown the garden and the big job removing a Goat or Crack willow around 10m high, completely covered in vine and 'trapped' between a small log cabin and a drystone wall. James and Mike worked continuously to get through a major assignment and made a great job of the Willow leaving it perfectly shaped to regrow. A thoroughly professional and good value job.


James and Chris felled a massive eucalyptus in my garden - a big job which took 3 men all day. I was impressed with their knowledge and the care they took. I was particularly concerned that the process did not ruin my lawn, as large pieces of tree would inevitably fall. They carefully lowered the large logs using a rope and hoist to minimise damage. I thoroughly recommend them, and hope they will return soon to reduce another tree in size.

Alan Angilley   

James pruned a number of trees on my garden boundary, including a very tall beech tree. He is competent, caring and friendly. I was fully satisfied with his service and recommend him highly.

Mojtaba Ghadiri   

A large conifer at the bottom of our garden and it’s slightly smaller, adjacent partner needed crowning, pruning, shaping and defining. We got 3 quotes. James’s was the best and he seemed to know more about the welfare of the trees and was by far the nicest person. We arranged a date for the work online and James and Chris arrived promptly and got straight to business. They worked really well together, James right up in the tree and Chris providing information and clearing duties below. The tree was shaped beautifully and James and Chris were superb at communication, always checking about what we wanted and giving us tips and information. The place was left beautifully tidy. They are two professional, knowledgable and thoroughly nice guys. The work was done exactly as asked, quickly but carefully. Any future work we need to be done, we will ask them, they have such a flexible, cooperative, problem solving attitude towards any queries and are very good value. Our trees look great and dealing with them was a pleasure.
No we did not know them and no they did not pay us to say nice things, they are just really good at what they do!

Ginny Cox   

I've worked with Tom tree planting at Brisco Woods through the Yorkshire Community Woodland Society and he clearly knows his stuff. He has also been really helpful in delivering wood chip, a key component to producing our compost, when promised and on one of the wettest days we've had. Hard working and committed.

Mark Warner   

James and his team provided a clearance of overgrown land (brambles and other overgrown vegetation) and also felled 5 overgrown trees. James and his team are a very very hard working enthusiastic and friendly team with a great work ethic. James is the most knowledgable Tree Surgeon that I have come across (in the last 10 years I have needed to arrange trees felling). He explains things very well in a language that is easy to understand. Lastly they left everything very tidy before leaving. All in all a great job - I have no hesitation recommending James and Leeds Tree Care !

Rana Chatterjee   

James and his team took down and removed a large poplar at the bottom of our garden, doing a great job. They are very competitive on price, hard working, knowledgeable and are also a very nice bunch of guys. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Leighton Williams   

We had several leylandi trees that needed removing.
Tom and Chris very nice guys, did an excellent job and tidied up after, would recommend their services.
Thanks again


I had a large laurel hedge that was very overgrown. Chris and Tom cut it back for me and did a brilliant job; it was at a very good price, they were very flexible and accommodating, and took the unwanted chippings away for me. They are coming back in September to do something else for me and I definitely recommend their services! Thank you very much!


Tom is a truly amazing tree surgeon. The first job he did for us was to fell an enormous beech tree in our neighbour's garden. He gave us an amazing price for it and did a fantastic job. They were so tidy and careful about how they dropped the tree in a very confined space without damaging any of the fences, shed, etc in the garden that were all in very close proximity to the tree.

The second job he did for us was significantly bigger. He felled 1 large ash tree, 1 large cypress, about 12 smaller trees and cleared out an overgrown hedge and shrub borders. He and Chris cleaned up after themselves and left the garden spick and span, ready for our new fence to go in. We will definitely be having them back again should we ever need more work done. Thank you for being awesome!

Mina Allsopp   

I had a large Ash tree on the boundary of my garden that had a tree protection order associated to it. Leeds Tree Care dealt with the local council offices on my behalf, this included completing the TPO application form and a proposal of works which the council immediately approved. Whilst onsite James and Chris were true professionals, they did a fantastic job.

I was extremely happy with their service, and I would highly recommend them

Steve Wynne   

We put out to tender some tree surgery work in our woodland at Lineham Farm which was quite varied in remit and skill. Leedstreecare came in with a quote half as much as some of the other providers. They were quick, courteous, mindful of our environment, efficient and did what they said they would do for a very good price. Not only that but they were flexible enough to change their plan around our desire to make use of the timber resource. When we mentioned that we would like to build a new log cabin on site they suggested we should saw up the larch which they had already dealt with. True to their word they gave us a day with their mobile bandsaw and produced significant quantity of larch cladding all in the original price. So from my point of view I was very happy with their service. Many thanks.

Vince foster   

I have a large beech tree on the boundary with my neighbor which blocked out considerable light to both of our gardens. We wanted to take the beech down and consulted leedstreecare. Their passion and knowledge of trees was considerable and they advised us to perform a crown thin rather than removing the tree. What an excellent decision that turned out to be. We now have lots of light streaming through a beautiful tree. Thank you leedstreecare


This was the first time that I used Leeds Tree Care. I need them to remove a large Ash tree which had become old and rotten and was in a dangerous position hanging over my house. James and his team came over and took the tree down very carefully.

I now have a large supply of neatly chopped wood ready for my burner. I can't recommend him enough for his care and attention.

Craig Saunders   

My neighbor had a large leylandii which was overgrowing my garden and starting to buckle a garden wall. We agreed to fell the tree with the help of Leeds Tree Care. There was little space in a back yard to fell the tree into, however James was able to expertly achieve this. I thought he charged a fair price for his work which took around an hour to do. He even cut the remaining trunk into a mini chair with a back to use in the garden.

Pauline Hodges   

Thanks, James.
A great job. Geoff (the gardener) and I were looking at the result this a.m.
I'm amazed at how much you've done. Send the Invoice and I'll deal with it right away.


David Hanson   

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