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Your World is Our world

We care deeply about this world and recognize the value of trees, both to the land and it’s inhabitants. Land is enriched, indeed, does not function without trees. As tree surgeons, we are more aware of this than most, as much of our time is spent either reducing or removing trees from the landscape. To offset this inescapable fact, we have invested in some woodland. Within these woods, which we manage and care for, we plant new trees where they may grow and flourish without intervention.

People not Profit at the expense of Resources

The arboreal world is also one bursting with power tools, everything from petrol driven blowers, brushcutters and chainsaws to diesel chippers, stump grinders and trucks. Sometimes, these are unavoidable.  However we feel that, for the most part, many jobs can be done with minimal equipment. One of the main reasons for big equipment is quicker turnarounds on contracts, leading to greater turn over and greater profit. There are casualties of this. It can become just about the money, getting the job crashed out in the minimum amount of time to the detriment of everything else such as:

  • The skill & pleasure associated with using our hands rather than machines
  • Unnecessary pollution
  • Wasted resources, e.g. chipping and tipping what would otherwise be perfectly good firewood

all for the sake of time.

We love what we do and the skill it involves. It’s not all about profit, but deriving a deep sense of satisfaction from work done well and in good company, minimizing our impact and making best use of the resource that we work with.

We may take a little longer but, with less expensive machinery, our overall costs are actually lower – in addition, we consume fewer precious resources and make excellent use of the wood we cut down.

The Man Who Planted Trees

The story of Elzeard Bouffier in the book “The Man Who Planted Trees” in many ways epitomizes our attitude towards trees, our work, and this place that we call home. Click on the link below for the youtube video:

We love the old greek saying; a good society is one where old men plant trees under whose shade they will never sit.