Surveys and Reports

The benefits that trees provide us are extensive. From aiding in reduction of water runoff, noise attenuation, and creating increases in property value to the creation of habitat and sequestration of carbon. Trees bring great value to our urban living environment. In spite of this, they do have potential to outgrow or outlive certain situations and as such, land owners must be conscious of their duty of care, in which we can help and advise.


Our Team at Leeds Tree Care are qualified to provide land owners and institutions with expert guidance and provide written reports and surveys tailored to meet your needs; this may include:

*Arboricultural Surveys

*BS5837 – Trees in relation to construction and design.

*AIA – Arboricultural Impact Assessment

*Planting for biodiversity

*Habitat establishment

*Professional Tree Inspection/ Tree Hazard Assessment


Our team that specialise in this service are fully qualified, experienced and insured to do so.