Lineham Farm Children's Centre

In early 2014 we were asked to quote for some varied woodland work at Lineham Farm Childrens Centre. The work involved felling some compromised trees, veteranisation of others and dead wood removal from many mature woodland trees along a regularly used bike trail. Several windblown conifer trees had also become hung up in recent storms and required dealing with.

As we were carrying out the work it became evident that Lineham Farm had need of some sawn timber. In line with our ethos of making good use of the resource we work with, we were able to take the felled timber and with our mobile sawmill saw it into usable cladding for various building projects taking place on site – all within the original budget. We have continued to partner with Lineham Farm carrying out arboricultural works to this day. 

“We put out to tender some tree surgery work in our woodland at Lineham Farm which was quite varied in remit and skill. Leedstreecare came in with a quote half as much as some of the other providers. They were quick, courteous, mindful of our environment, efficient and did what they said they would do for a very good price. Not only that but they were flexible enough to change their plan around our desire to make use of the timber resource. When we mentioned that we would like to build a new log cabin on site they suggested we should saw up the larch which they had already dealt with. True to their word they gave us a day with their mobile bandsaw and produced significant quantity of larch cladding all in the original price. So from my point of view I was very happy with their service. Many thanks”