Kirklees Incinerator - Huddersfield

In April 2019 we received an emergency call regarding a highly unusual situation where a large tree stump had accidentally got into an industrial moving grate incineration plant. The Stump had become jammed and it was impossible to remove it without breaking it up. The incinerator had to be shut down in order to rectify the problem, potentially losing the plant £50000 per night due to inoperation. Our team responded immediately by attending the site at 10pm and worked on the problem until approx 2am. The combination of charred plastic and stones embedded within the root ball of the stump made the task incredibly challenging. We then returned the following morning with a greater range of equipment to finish breaking the stump up to sizes so that it could be removed, allowing the plant to get back online with minimal interruption to service and revenue.

“I gave Leeds Tree Care a call out of hours, around 9 PM one evening with a very strange request. Could they have a look at a tree stump we required moving.

The reply was yes, where is it?

In an energy from waste plant furnace was my reply.

Tom, unfazed by this was on site within a couple of hours and worked tirelessly to remove what was quite a large tree stump which was stuck in the furnace of the energy plant.The response was first class and the service second to none.

I would highly recommend these guys if you have a tree stuck in a furnace or even if its just in your garden they did a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances.”