Hedge reductions & removal

Much of our work is in the management of hedges – particularly conifer hedges as they grow so fast. Conifers are often planted as boundary hedges and then forgotten about. Before you know it you have a row of 40 feet tall conifers to deal with. 

Both deciduous and conifer hedges can be managed in similar ways to individual trees but there are some caveats. Hedges will naturally grow both outwards and upwards. Both can be reduced in height to pretty much any extent. Deciduous hedges (such as beech or other native hedges) can also be reduced laterally as much as required. However, with conifer hedges, (which 9 times out of 10 will be Leylandii), they will not regenerate if reduced back beyond the live foliage. So although height reductions on conifer hedges are not restricted lateral reductions are. 

In essence, in many cases hedges can be reduced in both height and width to a size more manageable. However there are instances that necessitate the removal of a hedge to either make way for something else or to start again because they have just become to big. If it involves removal, the quote as in the case of tree dismantles will not include stump removal, this will be quoted for seperately

Hedges are great habitats for birds, so it is best to avoid removing or reducing hedges in the nesting season.

Height and lateral reduction on beech hedge