Archaeologists speak of the Stone Ages, and the Bronze Age and the Iron Age and the Steam Age, and now we have the age of the internal combustion engine and nuclear power and space and IT. But every age has been a Wood Age – ours at least as much as any in the past; and perhaps in decades to come, even more so. And yet despite our dependance on trees we spend so little time in their presence.

We at Leeds Tree Care have such fun in the outdoors, within our woodland, that we want to share it. We want others to experience the same simple pleasure of living a little on the wild side. With family and friends, we regularly escape to Tin Mill Woods (AKA Shaw-wood Forest) to recharge and re-establish our roots in the context of an increasingly pressured and season-less existence. We find the simple process of setting up camp, lighting a fire, collecting firewood, and cooking, a great antidote to our normal stressful lives.

So we run experience days where groups can share this pleasure too and through this be re-acquainted with what a wonderful resource wood is. From fuel for cooking, to the benches we sit on to the utensils we stir our food with. Even working with wood is a pleasure – splitting firewood, turning a chair leg on a pole lathe or shaving a spatula on a shave horse. These are skills that not only produce practical outcomes but in learning to do so, yield a deep satisfaction and appreciation for the wood itself.