Additional specialist services

In many circumstances, there is a general reluctance by our clients to have trees removed even when absolutely necessary to do so. We have found our customers enjoy the option of being left something as a reminder of these once fine trees.

In some cases, if the tree is of special sentimental or historical value, we have managed to graft a branch of a storm blown tree to ensure its continued survival. In others we have taken the salvageable wood and turned it into planked timber for the customer to fashion into something memorable. In others we have created such artifacts ourselves at the customers request. Many of our customers simply enjoy the fact that we can turn their fallen trees into processed, stacked firewood, rather than chipping and removing from site.

  • Fruit tree grafting & tree propagation
  • Firewood production
  • Timber processing – sawing/quarter sawing
  • Bespoke wood carving & joinery

Community Courses

  • Wildwood camping weekends
  • Introductory greenwood working courses
  • Bushcraft/survival weekends, including foraging, trapping, shelter building and fire starting

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