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    Woodland Management

    In the context of a cultural drive towards more productivity and profit and pressure to reduce commodity prices such as timber, there is a need to think a bit differently with regards to woodland management. The Forestry industry worldwide has in many ways fallen foul to such demands by scaling up production of timber in a way that is unsustainable and devastating and is only now beginning to address some of the consequences.

    At LeedsTreeCare, it is our aim to make the most of every aspect of both our own and our clients woodland, recommending a permaculture approach to woodland management; not just seeing the woodland as purely a timber resource, but as a home to wildlife, a place to enjoy, and developing a plethora of skills from coppicing and charcoal burning to mushroom growing & green woodworking. All of which add value and productivity whilst maintaining regular revenue, continuous cover of the woodland and encourage biodiversity.