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    Tree Planting

    This is something we enjoy doing most as there is something deeply satisfying in planting trees. We feel this is partly due to the knowledge that this tree, if left to its own devices, will outlive ourselves and even our children. In its life, it will not only provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife but also, oxygenate the air, remove pollutants from both the soil and the air, reduce surface flooding and ameliorate rain fall. In essence trees are givers and in planting them, we are investing in this world.

    Tree surgeons are known for principally their ability to cut down or reduce in size, trees, hedges and shrubs. However, we feel that we are somewhat unique in the arboreal world, in that we plant, more than we actually cut down. We encourage our clients to plant suitable replacements to those that we have removed and if not will plant trees in our own managed woodland to compensate for this. We are always more than happy just to talk and/or give advice on potential tree planting projects.